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The steady financial position in turn has positive impact on implementation of production plans and ensuring needs of production with necessary resources. Therefore financial activity as a component of economic activity is aimed at providing systematic receipt and an expenditure of money, performance of settlement discipline, achievement of rational proportions of own and loan capital and its most effective use.

Solvency is an existence at the enterprise of the means sufficient for payment of debts for all short-term obligations and at the same time uninterrupted implementation of process of production and product sales.

The analysis of liquidity of balance consists in comparison of the means on an asset grouped in degree of their liquidity and located in decreasing order of liquidity with the obligations for a passive grouped in terms of their repayment and located in ascending order of terms.

Improvement of activity of the enterprise – in this section I offer some actions for financial improvement of the enterprise. This closing of the most unprofitable post offices, and the released rooms to lease, opening of the paid parking in the territory of a communication motor depot, and rendering of services on transportation of goods to the population in three most important directions.

This relation of all current assets to the size of short-term obligations. The recommended value: coefficient of the current liquidity not less At smaller values of coefficient the structure of balance is considered unsatisfactory. Growth of coefficient is a positive tendency. At our enterprise the coefficient of the current liquidity averaged 0, It is a negative tendency that once again confirms negative structure of balance.

0,8  0,2-0,7 i.e. the absolute liquidity index approaches under standard value that specifies that is enough available money and securities for a covering of the current obligations of the enterprise.

Everything that has cost, belongs to the enterprise and is reflected in an asset of balance is called as its assets. The asset of balance contains data on the decision of the capital, the available enterprise, i.e. on its investment in concrete property and material values about expenses of the enterprise on production and product sales and about the remains of free monetary cash. To each type of the placed capital there corresponds separate article of balance.

Develops and puts into practice the actions directed on production efficiency increase, improvement of methods of operation of productions and to introduction of more perfect forms of service and equipment, improvement of use of business assets of labor, material and financial resources.

Studies business and professional qualities of experts, carries out selection and appointment of heads of branches, carries out actions for preparation and professional development of experts, controls a condition of work with shots in branches.

Forecasting of possible financial results, economic profitability, proceeding from real conditions of economic activity and existence of own and loan resources, development of models of a financial state at various options of use of resources.

The absolute liquidity index is the relation of the fast-realized current assets to the size of short-term obligations. The recommended value of absolute liquidity index: (0,2-0. At our enterprise value of absolute liquidity index 0,3 that specifies that is enough available money and securities for a covering of the current obligations of the enterprise.

The analysis of a financial condition of the enterprise is based mainly on relative indicators as absolute measures of balance in the conditions of inflation cannot almost be given to a comparable form. Relative indicators of the analyzed enterprise can be compared:

Provides the objects of a federal mail service providing services to a mail service, information on tariffs, rules of rendering of services of communication, terms of transfer of mailings, an operating mode, and also other information facilitating access to services of a mail service.