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The great interest as technological media presents to INTERNET. INTERNET - by definition - to metoset (set of the interconnected networks) with the standardized uniform protocol inside - and an intersystem exchange. From the point of view of users represents a number of sources of information (a host, each of which has the unique address. Thanks to the new protocol of storage/viewing of information it was succeeded to solve a problem of the organization of access for users to information in real time (inquiry answer). Information can will extend one of the next ways:

POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, MILITARY, etc. News, representatives of various social groups, in particular, businessmen. As the main factor of success efficiency ('tomorrow's data have to be published yesterday"), accuracy (compliance to the facts, lack of distortions) and reliability of an expected component serves here (buy a tench those forecasts which come true).

users often do not make out (obviously or implicitly) vague ideas of what information to them is necessary, in accurate information models that interferes with the accounting of these representations in the concept of a product;

competent minimization of the expenses connected with ensuring completeness, reliability and efficiency of information (expenses have to correspond to cost and riskiness of that project at which realization this information is used)

Libraries can compete in the information market as have competent, erudite experts, besides, international relations in the library environment are more developed, than in private information sector.

Certainly, producers of commercial products try to consider in the models as well models of users. Nevertheless information models of producers and users can never coincide completely, as

Providing to the user the data interesting him in the form of information services on the basis of information is result of application of new information technologies. Thus data are defined as an event, records or presented in any conventional form, any information and giving in to computer processing.

As a result of ABD it can be determined as system by a image of organized data, program,, language and organizational and methodical means, for the centralized accumulation and collective multi-purpose use of these data.

Emergence of information services expanded demand for products as promoted an individualization of the offer of data — to its approach to individual of certain users, and also to rapprochement of models of producers and users. Besides, it is already not obligatory for user to possess entirely an product that with other things being equal reduces the price of really received information.

competing among themselves, technologies in total a common information space: for producers of a DB, for example, they act as alternative and ways of distribution of information, for users — as different opportunities of its receiving.

As any process cannot function without decision-making, any system cannot survive if does not manage to create the highly effective mechanism of collecting, processing, transfer and use of information.

providing only information services to the user, but not directly information products therefore he receives (and often and pays) only that information which is really necessary to it;

- The STANDARD and RECOMMENDING DOCUMENTS ON STANDARDIZATION, including an order of certification of products, problems of responsibility for non-compliance with standards and the problems connected with increase in demand for those goods, which quality it is certified properly, etc.

In the developed countries the considerable part of information activities within the last two decades is involved in the market relations and acts as one of the most important elements of market infrastructure on service, realization and development of the market relations, and also as independent specialized sector of the market on which special products and services are offered.