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For example, we provided restriction of capacity of the drinking persons, namely they are the main contingent of ill treatment in a family. It is provided, though eviction of these persons from the dwelling is almost not applied in case they do not give the chance to live to other family members.

The Swedish modern society uses special attention not only in our country today, but also practically in all regions of the world. Not least this circumstance is defined by the Swedish experience of the organization of social protection of the population, creation of effectively developing social system creating good opportunities for versatile development of the person in conditions to mixed economy where private business dominates.

It is one of the most unpleasant indicators of low culture of communication and demagogical culture. Recognition of that that the child has the honor and the advantage, too it is still peculiar to a small minority of the families raising children.

The first that its relative otjedinennost, the semi-secret existence, lack of a free access to rooms attracts attention in this center. It is emphasized by Annette Olefsson, the head of the women's crisis center, an indispensable condition of our work because the woman (one or with children) has to feel in safety.

Problems of social development can be provided with activities for maintenance of groups of the self-help and mutual aid, associations of a of social and other rights various a level of the female population, assistance of self-employment and self-reliance of women.

Let's allocate one more fact. In every fourth case direct social disadaptation of children and teenagers results from flight from the house. By approximate estimates of various departments, annually at us 130-160 thousand children run.

Thus, demographic and the socio-economic factors having regional specifics ambiguously on the processes influencing female unemployment that finally does necessary strengthening of a regional when developing programs of employment.

Thus, considering told above, we can see that the incest is extremely complex social problem with many components. The listed above theories and the facts give not only deeper ponimady the interconnected incest reasons, but also plan ways of active and competent intervention, the prevention and rehabilitation.

Essence of social work with women. It is possible to formulate briefly that in social work with women three groups of tasks are allocated: on their rescue, on maintenance of functioning and on development. In specific individual and social conditions this or that group moves to the forefront.