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The purpose of the analysis of the market - to define location of the "" markets and to estimate their potential capacity for the goods. Having these data, the advertiser will be able then to distribute the efforts between various market zones is proportional to their potential capacity and,, to achieve the maximum reimbursement for a.

Some types of advertizing activity demand big investments even if on one viewer or the reader are insignificant. It can be an obstacle for small firms in use of some media.

Process of development of advertizing includes, as a rule, two stages. At the beginning the decision on structure of the advertizing message is made, the thesis (advertizing argument) informing on the major properties and distinctive features of goods and a form of his statement is developed. Then to development of directly advertizing material: the text and style is developed, suitable loss for words, color registration and the decision are. It is also necessary to consider that, as a rule, advertizing happens more effective when on goods demand increases, than at its falling.

Incentives of application of researches in the sphere of marketing are not so great, as in the sphere of production. In the past to consume a usually advanced ability to make. In these conditions the main attention was concentrated on a of goods.