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Automated control systems and regulations are an integral part of technological equipment of modern production, promote increase and qualities of production and improve economic indicators of production at the expense of a choice and maintenance of the optimum technological modes.

Due to introduction of automation the number of the working personnel therefore the economy of a salary increased decreased; the power efficiency increased; reliability of work of the equipment increased; payback periods of capital expenditure decreased.

Except one-time (capital) costs exist flowing (ekspluatatsionna expenses. These are the expenses forming product cost, i.e. costs of the enterprise for production and product sales. Treat them: expenses on raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, salary, etc.

On automation level the power system occupies one of the leading places among other industries. Heat power installations are characterized by a continuity of the processes proceeding in them. Thus development of thermal and electric energy has to correspond to consumption ( at any moment. Almost all operations on heat power installations are mechanized, and transition processes develop in them rather quickly. High development of automation in thermal power is explained by it.

Now at a number of the enterprises of power industry electronic computers for management of technological processes and the enterprise in general took root. Broad application was found by the cybernetic control systems possessing property to samonastraivatsya and adapt to new working conditions, providing the best end results. Cybernetic systems are also that basis on which complex automation of production develops.

Automation of process of production of steam leads to improvement of the main indicators of economic efficiency of production: to decrease in product cost, increase in quality of an exit of production due to more exact observance of the technological mode.