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On the role in the general activity of economy settlements share on the main and auxiliary. Treat the main main and the centers of production divisions. In the central estate the administrative-and-management personnel, public organizations and so on is placed.

Entrances to public roads, to farms and complexes are outlined. Extent of roads is reduced not only due to design on the shortest distance, but also projecting entrances to the existing roads.

The following indicators are the cornerstone: investments on a construction of roads; annual road and transport costs; payback period of investments. The cost of a construction of roads is determined by the integrated standards of specific investments in construction.

Arable land sites on which the system of agrotechnical organizational and economic actions with alternation of cultures is provided only in time or with cultivation of permanent culture belong to vnesevooborotny sites. Purpose of these sites – receiving a high-quality, cheap forage, and condition of their placement – the maximum placement to farms.

To intraeconomic roads carry: the roads connecting the central estates to their divisions, livestock complexes, farms, field camps, points of preparation, and also the roads connecting farms among themselves and public roads.

In the majority of farms of edge the existing divisions of agricultural enterprises very large, have the staff of experts, make a large number of production. Now there is no need to split up a large-scale enterprise for the small. All this is considered by consideration of the existing organization of the territory.

The climate is characterized by the following indicators: temperature condition, term of approach and termination of frosts; duration of the vegetative period; depth of frost penetration in soils; average annual amount of precipitation; the dominating winds, dry winds. Climate one of the defining factors when forming landscape calculations.

We place the central estate in most settlement. She accommodates on a place existing for economy of investments. In this case the central estate is in the territory of the village Buzinovskaya.

The essence of agrolandscape approach to placement of grounds and crop rotations is that for each massif optimum limits of use, intensive, actual and conservative and natural to a natural landscape, are set.

Arable land of intensive agricultural use are contours of a sevooborotny arable land on which annual cultivation of one-year cultures of food and fodder value with saturation of crop rotations propashny cultures without restrictions is planned.

Main objective of the organization of grounds and crop rotations of the increased intensity and identification of reserves of growth of efficiency of use of the earth taking into account ecological interests of land owners and land users at strict observance of ecological requirements of rational land use.