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Management of marketing is the necessity caused by the various changes in reproduction process promoting emergence of not less various problems of the management. The marketing activity is more mobile, the need for management is more.

Functional orientation of organizational structures of marketing service is applied if the quantity of the goods realized by the enterprise is small, and the number of the markets does not exceed four-five. In this case experts, subordinates marketing – to the director, carry out certain functions and bear personal responsibility for a concrete site of work. If to arrange these positions according to the scheme of decision-making (collection of information, statement is more whole, tactics planning, operational activity), it is possible to ensure functioning by five experts: on researches of the market, on planning of marketing for each of goods, on formation of demand and sales promotion, on merchandising and sales, on service providing. Thus it is easy to define streams of the movement of the initial and operating information. Relationship between the staff of marketing service is clear and does not give a reason for contradictions between them.

In the conclusion it should be noted that no structure of management exists the best as all can have merits and demerits. Therefore, it (structures it has to be analyzed periodically in connection with its progress or failures in the market, and, in case of need, to be reconstructed in the direction of liquidation of separate services and creation of others, etc., and also change of its subcultures and organizational culture in general for achievement of the corresponding short-term and long-term goals of the organization (enterprise).

Management of marketing is complicated because the large number of factors which are quite difficult for expecting has impact on marketing activity. And nevertheless thanks to management all elements of marketing unite in system.