Few Lines On The Art Of Losing Control

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Courtenay left Seattle on March 25 and moved to Los Angeles, having lodged in Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills and having left the two-year-old daughter Francis Bing on guardianship of the nurse Jacky Frannie. Not the disagreements which arose with the muzhy were the cause of departure. Simply Cortney's group was going to let out the album on Los Angeles firm. Pnriodicheski she called Curt and persuaded him to go to Exodus Recovery Center hospital in the city of Merino Del to complete a rehabilitation course. On March 28 Cobain, at last, gave in on arrangements and promised sjezdit to look that this clinic represents.

(The first thousand plates released Sub Pop firm was on white vinyl, sleduyushchiye2000 are printed on motley color vinyl and the poster on which Jason Aevermann was represented was applied to a plate (which, by the way the album in the foreground did not take part in record of it, and other members of group - on back. The third circulation, already without poster was printed on black, mixed, multi-colored (green, pink, lilac) and translucent (pink, red) vinyl. The album was written down written down in Seattle studio in three days and according to the estimate cost 606 dollars.)

(On this single two cover - versions of songs from repertoire of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND group performed by the NIRVANA (on the first party a single and THE MELVINS (on the second the parties. Only one thousand copies on vinyl from seven various flowers was published.)

"I do not know why a plate it turned out too a hard cow as except Grohl extreme music I not Chris is not listened, - Cobain claimed. During record I "loaded" myself with ekzerzisa from Joy Divicion, or kinders and kindersh swept away Sonic Youth.Poka from In Utero counters, the Nirvana and the cult American writer William Burroughs (William S.Burroughs) wrote down in Portland (State of Oregon) the single of The Priest They Called Him (Tim Kerr Records), bespritsendentny on the form and content which at once became for music lovers a rarity.

In the section BUTLEGI practically all entered known bootleg (piracy editions concert and studio material, but are located they in alphabetical order because of absence of exact information on time of release and the contents. The name of songs on butlega is given in that writing, as well as on an envelope. The correct names are specified in brackets.

(The debut single of group of two songs, first of which is a cover version of the composition of the same name from repertoire of the Dutch bit quartet of SHOCKING BLUE. Only 000 copies of this plate on black vinyl with the autograph of all musicians were published. Now this single is a big rarity among collectors.)

(The first 000kopy were printed on blue or black vinyl, the third circulation - on blue, red and pink vinyl. The song "Sliver" (only on it the single comes to an end with fragments from telephone conversation between the chief of Sub Pop firm John Pounmen and dozing Chris Novoselich.)

"I absolutely understand nothing in musical equipment, - Curt claimed, - why one sounds cannot be mixed with others? But I know, what sound is acceptable for us. We as group never copied other ispolnmtel, and did not learn someone else's songs. We were not able to remove chords one to one and had no special desire to do it. We gave all the energy to the composition of own compositions. I write verses for myself and some of them turn then into pnsn. I respect words that in them a certain power sometimes disappears. I love poetry because I can be engaged in it, without experiencing any influences from outside, I do not want to speak about the favourite poets because this world needs to be opened most."