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The winding of VN has the greatest nominal naparyazheniye in comparison with other main windings of the transformer, NN Winding - the smallest rated voltage, and SN winding - the rated voltage which is intermediate between BH and HH.

As losses in copper of a winding are proportional to a square of the operating value of current, through it proceeding, the last can be defined from the simplified transformer equivalent circuit (rice 2-) in the KZ mode.

For providing these lines of an eletroperedacha, powerful transformers and autotransformers are developed and mastered; to the sozdena large batches of distributive transformers of general purpose of various power and appointment; special transformers for electrothermal converting and other installations; starting, mobile, adjusting, test and other special transformers.

Windings of transformers to which energy transformed is brought or energy of the transformed alternating current is taken away, nakhyvat the main, a naprmer, primary and secondary windings of the transformer. Except the main, the transformer can have also other windings which are not connected directly with reception or return of energy of the transformed alternating current which call auxiliary. Distinguish Distinguish the main windings of the transformer of highest (VN), lowest (NN) and average (SN) of tension.