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The main tendency of microminiaturization is "integration" of electronic schemes, i.e. aspiration to simultaneous production of a large number of elements and knots of the electronic schemes inseparably linked among themselves. Therefore from various areas of microelectronics of the most effective there was an integrated microelectronics which is one of the main directions of modern electronic equipment. Now are widely used over big integrated schemes, on them all modern electronic equipment, in particular by the COMPUTER, etc. is constructed.

During this period further improvement of electrovacuum devices proceeded. Much attention is paid to increase of their durability, reliability, durability. Bestsokolny (finger-type) and subminiature lamps that gives the chance to lower dimensions of the installations numbering a large number of radio tubes were developed.

Subject of electronic equipment is the theory and practice of use of electronic, ionic and semiconductor devices in devices, systems and installations for various areas of a national economy. Flexibility of the electronic equipment, high speed, the accuracy and sensitivity open new opportunities in many branches of science and technicians.

Development of ways of transfer of images and measuring equipment was followed by development and improvement of various photo-electric devices (the photo cells, photoelectronic multipliers transferring television tubes) and elektronografichesky devices for oscillographs, a radar-location and television.

The radiotelegraphy developed in the first period (about 30 years) and scientific bases of radio engineering were developed. For the purpose of simplification of the device of the radio receiver and increase of its sensitivity in the different countries intensive development and researches of various types of simple and reliable detectors of high-frequency fluctuations - detectors were conducted.