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It is in due time correct to estimate a communication role for stimulation of an optimum emotional spirit of the personality, the maximum manifestation of her socially approved tendencies and abilities and, at last, in general in the direction necessary to society it is necessary for her formation because communication as value in system of the values which are available for most of people takes very high place.

If to mean the communication directed on helping the person to move ahead with his personal development, the problem of the faces helping it with it consists first of all in that the impacts on it in the course of communication they as much as possible made active its internal resources that he at the high moral level could cope with the most different vital problems successfully.

Condition of development of a comfortable state at communicating, their behavior at an optimum level of intellectual and strong-willed activity, characteristic for them, is also manifestation of goodwill by them on the relation to each other at interpersonal contacts, and also ability to empathy and sympathy.