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Stay in a sauna demands strict rationing taking into account a state of health, age and individual ability of the person to adapt for its conditions. Too high temperature and long stay in a bath are inexpedient as can lead to decrease in working capacity, deterioration of health.

After stroking pass to a postegivaniye. Easy blows are struck to a back in all directions, further - to a waist, hips, gastrocnemius muscles and feet. Time for this strong reception is small - till 1 min. After a postegivaniye repeat stroking, but already faster, than earlier, the movements.

There are usually enough 2-3 calling lasting 8-10 min. The first calling is necessary for high-quality warming up of a body - before reddening of skin and emergence of sweat, brooms will be necessary for the second and third. In breaks between calling a steam room it is possible to take a cool or cold shower, to plunge into the pool. For completion of losses of water and mineral substances in moderate quantity it is possible to drink tea, juice, kvass.